Friday, January 18, 2008

Teacher tech advisor/coordinator

Our District currently has a stipend position at each school for "A/V Coordinator". This person is supposed to help with AV setups, toner order/replacement, tech supplies orders, etc. I would like to expand this position so that the AV Coordinator can be more of a technology helper for their school. In a perfect world, we would come up with some general criteria and then I would do a training for these teachers during the summer. I would then meet with them a few times a year to go over new topics, issues, etc. These teachers would get a laptop and a stipend for their troubles. The would be expected to help lead some staff development in their own school and help their fellow teachers with basic technology issues, questions, problems, etc.

Is anyone doing any thing similiar to this? Do you have any ideas that you can share? I am not expecting these teachers to become techs for their schools, but more of a first line of defense.