Monday, September 24, 2007


I am just beginning the Thinkquest competition for the first time. We are using PC computers. The whole thing looks a bit overwhelming! Has anyone done this and if so can you recommend software we should use for creating our projects? Any helpful hints for this project would be greatly appreciated.


Mr. Sutaria said...

Hi Jackie,

While I haven't entered the Thinkquest competition before (though I might now), I can suggest some free, open source web design and photo manipulation programs you and your students can use.
NVU is a free, open source, cross-platform WYSIWYG web design program very similar to Dreamweaver.
The GNU Image Manipulation Program works very much like Photoshop and
Audacity - an open source audio editing software program.
A rich, diverse source of Flickr images that are licensed using Creative Commons, so they are available for your students to use.

I hope these resources help!


Jackie said...

Thank you for the info. I will check out what you sent me. I appreciate your input.