Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Acceptable Use Policies

I was interested in new acceptable use policies which discuss USB keys, emailing projects, blogs and other new technologies.
Please let me know what new issues are outlined in your acceptable use policies.
Are AUP's on the district website?



Lisa Thumann said...

Most districts house a copy of their AUP on their website in pdf format to download. Some to look at are:




I hope that helps.
Lisa Thumann

bridget said...

There was an article in the Bergen County Record on Friday the 16th about blogging. Here is a quote, "Frank Belluscio,spokesman for the New Jersey School Boards Association, said principals need to make sure that comments on the blog are accurate and respond quickly if they are not. He recommends that any district considering blogs create policies dealing with comments."
Our district is now in the process of creating a policy for blogging. Does any one see any possible issue with blogging using tools on the web? We're thinking that if there is dialog between staff and teachers in a blog that we may need that data backed up.