Friday, October 19, 2007

Presentation Tomorrow

On Friday, October 19th, Angela Davis and I (from Sparta Township Public Schools) will be presenting at NJECC. Last spring, two teachers from the Sparta Middle School, Erica Hartman and Jo Shuppon presented on their use a of wikis in the classroom.

This time around, I will be going into as much of our work as possible, showing wiki projects, blogging, podcasting, screencasting, tablet applications, some of our global connections and discussing how we develop our staff in terms of technology and Web 2.0. Angela will be talking about the dialogue that regularly occurs on her AP Language and Composition wiki, and her SAKAI project with a group of seniors.

We will be live broadcasting this presentation via UStream, provided it is not blocked by any firewalls that MSU has. If so, we will switch over to Google Presentations and present that way. The aim of broadcasting this is to foster a backchannel discussion that Angela and I are privy to as we present. I will open up the chat room to the member of my twitter network as well, and I hope some of that group can join the discussion as well. To access the UStream channel and the chat, just click here. You will most likely have to create an account before being able to appear as yourself in the chat, but that process takes only a few moments.

Regardless, here is a link to a Google Notebook page I created with links to things I will talk about during the presentation. See you then!

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Here is the presentation link through Google Docs: